Kitchen Suppression System Inspection

Commercial Kitchen Suppression System Installations and Inspections

At Flame Safety our technicians are certified to install, maintain and repair Fire Suppression systems. That means when working with us we will certify that your restaurant meets NFPA standards and Ontario Fire Code specifications. As a restaurant owner, the possibility of a restaurant fire shouldn’t be taken lightly as they can reach high temperatures rapidly and can gain in size quickly.

Regulation states that Kitchen Suppression Systems must be inspected by a certified and trained technician on a semi-annual basis. To maintain the proper insurance coverage the majority of insurance companies require and enforce the installation and semi-annual inspections of such systems or they can and often will cancel insurance coverage for non compliance.

We work with our clients to fulfill their needs and to make sure they’re meeting provincial codes with the latest protection at the best possible price and level of service.

Kitchen Suppression solutions we offer are:

  •  Installations
  • Semi-Annual Inspection
  • Parts, Recharging and Hydrostatic testing

Contact our fire protection company to ensure your kitchen suppression system is inspected, tested and in full working order. Now proudly serving customers in Cornwall, the seaway valley and surrounding area.

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