According to the NFPA cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires in North America! One of the most important articles in our educational section has to be “Preventing Cooking Fires”. In no time at all a cooking fire can turn your kitchen into a firestorm with heats reaching upwards of 650 degrees. 55% of people that attempt to fight the fire are injured and 11% result in fatality. What would you do if it happened to you? The best piece of advice is to stay calm and follow these simple steps:

  • 1. BE PREPARED – Keep calm and be prepared to react quickly.
  • 2. NEVER LEAVE THE KITCHEN  – Stay in the Kitchen and use a timer if needed. When cooking, the kitchen should never be left unattended.
  • 3. KEEP IT CLEAN! – Wipe down surfaces and appliances to prevent a buildup of grease. Be aware of  items chosen to store around the stove.
  • 4. DO NOT OVERHEAT COOKING OIL – Always let cooking oil cool down before disposing of it.
  • 5. NEVER POUR WATER ON A GREASE FIRE! – This is the absolute worst thing you can do. NEVER, EVER DO THIS!
  • 6. DO NOT MOVE THE SKILLET FROM THE STOVE – You can harm, injure and even worsen the situation by doing so.
  • 7. OVEN FIRES – Keep the door shut and immediately turn off the heat.
  • 8. A BOX OF BAKING SODA – Yes, baking soda can help you extinguish a fire.
  • 9. PUT A LID ON IT – If the fire hasn’t extinguished after applying baking soda apply the lid.
  • 10. HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER IN THE HOUSE – See the How to Use a Fire Extinguisher article for more.
  • 11. ENSURE YOU FIRE ALARM IS OPERATIONAL – On a monthly basis check and test your fire alarm.

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