Their are five different types of fire classes and currently 8 types of fire extinguishers. For simplicity sake we will explain the three most common ones that you may encounter along with our recommended choice for your fire protection! It is important to understand that not all fire extinguishers are alike and can actually be dangerous if not used for the proper fire. The most general types of fire extinguishers are listed of in the following three classes:

1) Class A –  To combat against fires involving combustibles such as wood, cloth or paper

2) Class B – To combat against fires involving flammable liquids, greases, gases, etc.

3) Class C – To combat against fires involving energized electrical equipment

We strong recommend the use of a multipurpose fire extinguisher that features the ABC label. This will help you eliminate the hazards of utilizing the individual class type extinguishers. Dry Chemical fire extinguishers release a powdered chemical compound that works at separating the heat, fuel and oxygen from each other in-turn disrupting the chemical reaction that creates the fire.